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Save, organize, and access your favorite websites easily with our bookmarking app. Try it out and take control of your online content!

With this app, you can easily save and organize your favorite websites, set reminders to read articles later, and stay on top of your to-do list with our interactive Kanban board.


Our app’s sleek, intuitive interface makes adding, editing, and deleting your bookmarks easy. You can even organize your bookmarks into custom folders and tag them for easy search and discovery. Plus, with seamless syncing across all your devices, you’ll always have access to your saved websites and reminders no matter where you are.


Use the Kanban board to keep track of your tasks and projects, with columns for “to-do,” “in progress,” and “done.” With the reminder feature, you’ll never forget to read that important article – schedule it later, and we’ll send you a notification when it’s time to read.


This app will benefit researchers, students, developers, and anyone using bookmarks on their daily internet browsing.

Don’t waste more time searching for that one website you bookmarked months ago – try our bookmarking app today and start staying organized and on top of your online content!

Key features
  • With folders and projects, you can organize your life hierarchically in a way that makes sense to you, not the app.
  • Create and save smart shortcuts and perform powerful queries across projects
  • Supports a clean Kanban view for better state management.
  • Quick link previews so that you never want to leave the app.
  • Endless customization for states, priorities, actions, and tags.
  • Actions, Tags, and Priorities make categorizing and searching bookmarks easier.
  • Share extensions and an automatic title generator make it easier to create bookmarks.
  • iCloud syncing ensures all of your devices are on the same page.
  • Notifications with smart actions, so you’ll never miss a scheduled bookmark again.
  • Customization includes app theme and icons to ensure everything fits your device theme.
  • Home screen widgets to keep your progress just a glance away.


Happy Bookmarking!


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